Farm Environment Plans and Nutrient Budgets


MHV Water Limited (MHV) and Ashburton Lyndhurst Irrigation Limited (ALIL) work together under the terms of the resource consent currently held by Rangitata Diversion Race Management Limited (RDRML) to use surface water (CRC121664).

This consent allows for an Audited Self-Management (ASM) approach within certain limits and with specific reporting requirements.  Writing, implementing and auditing Farm Environmental Plans (FEP's) is part of our ASM approach and enables RDRML to demonstrate the irrigators' level of environmental performance, and compliance with the resource consent conditions.  The completion of a Nutrient Budget is also a key requirement.

The FEP process allows farmers to focus on the management areas which matter to their particular farm and identify environmental improvements which also improve their bottom line.

Farm Environmental Plans can be completed through the FEP Dashboard portal.

To meet the environmental targets and objectives of your FEP, all shareholders will need to operate their farm at “Good Management Practice” (GMP).  As you complete your FEP with one of our Environmental FEP Co-ordinators, you will identify things you need to do, called “Actions”.  Each Action should minimise the risks of your Land Management Units ( LMUs), state what you are going to do and when you are going to do it.

Why have an Action?
An Action shows how you are planning to meet GMP in the future. The actions are prescribed by you, and should have a realistic timeframe to achieve GMP. The actions, as well as your current practises will be assessed in your audit.

Types of Actions:
In-progress/New ActionsThese are actions that you have identified to help the improve farm practices achieve GMP. Make sure the actions have realistic timeframes. 

Audit Actions: If you have completed an audit, your auditor may have given you some required or recommended actions, these need to be worked into your FEP. The auditor will expect to see evidence of progress on the required actions in your next audit.

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