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Current Scheme Allocation


Current Scheme Allocation

Valetta Line 99% available from RDR - 100% deliverable with current demand

Valetta Surplus On

MH Line 99% available from RDR - 100% deliverable with current demand

Weekly allocation starts Tuesday mornings

Carew Offset Off

Growth Water On

Updated 27 September 2020

MHV Water is a co operative and we pride ourselves on delivering sustainable solutions for our shareholders and the community.

We have 206 shareholders across the Hinds Plains area to which we deliver water for the purpose of irrigation.

Our Purposes:

  • Water for Optimal Growth
  • Environmentally and Economically Sustainable
  • Stay Strong; Our People, Our Culture, Our Values
  • Enable Innovation within Agriculture

Reliable irrigation water is the greatest aid to farm sustainability in our area and we are proud of our 80 year history and our contribution to development in the region.

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