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Current Scheme Allocation

Current Scheme Allocation

Valetta Line 86% available from RDR - 100% deliverable

Valetta Surplus ON

MH Line 86% available from RDR - 110% deliverable with current demand

Weekly allocation starts Tuesday mornings - Max flows set to 110%

Carew Offset ON

Growth Water On

Update 13 April 2021

MHV Water

MHV Water is a co-operative and we pride ourselves on delivering sustainable solutions for community, now and in the future.

We have 206 shareholders across the Hinds Plains area to which we deliver water for the purpose of irrigation.

Our Mission:

Is to provide sustainable solutions for our community, now and in the future. 

Our Values: 

Intergenerational focus,

responsible stewards, 

community minded,

co-operative spirit, 

enable innovation.


Our Purpose: 

Optimised water delivery,

respect for the environment, 

robust and enduring co-op.

Our priorities/initiatives 

 Building strong partnerships with mana whenua,

support continuous environmental improvement, 

waterbody health research,

resilient, reliable, operationally robust and financially sustainable infrastructure, and, 

catchment collaboration. 


Mayfield Show Water Testing 2021
MHV had a great time at the 2021 Mayfield show in March. We offered free testing for nitrate levels in water and completed over 150 tests.  Thanks to everyone who got involved.  

MHV Water Ltd
326 Burnett St
Ashburton 7700

Phone: +64 3 307 8389