Authorised Land Use

Water quality in the Hekaeo/Hinds Catchment has deteriorated over the past 20 years.

MHV Water Ltd (MHV) hold a land use and discharge resource consent CRC183851 to manage the effects of nitrogen loss from shareholder properties and it includes a catchment nitrogen load limit. The catchment nitrogen load limit will decrease over time to comply with reduction targets set by Plan Change 2 of the Land and Water Regional Plan.

In order to ensure the scheme remains on track with meeting catchment water quality outcomes and compliance with their nitrogen discharge consent, MHV Water have developed processes to identify a property’s Authorised Land Use (ALU) and how they apply to vary that land use (Farm Activity Variation Application – FAVA) and these are captured in the Authorised Land Use Policy.

The Authorised Land Use will provide a greater degree of certainty for Shareholders detailing the maximum permitted land use parameters including;

  • Irrigated area
  • Winter grazing area
  • Stocking rate

Supplement use and fertiliser usage will also be documented.

If a Shareholder wishes to increase any of these parameters they will need to seek MHV approval by completing a Farm Activity Variation Application (FAVA).

The FAVA must demonstrate;

  • The change will not result in an increase in N losses greater than the Nitrogen Discharge Allowance (NDA);
  • The Property is able to meet anticipated reduction targets;
  • The Property does not rely on an unauthorised intensification on another property (e.g. move winter grazing somewhere else);
  • The variation does not have a negative impact on a sensitive receiving area ; and
  • The proposed variation aligns with the schemes overall objectives, including continuous improvement.

 All Shareholders have received a draft version of their Authorised Land Use (ALU), at the FEP updates the ALU will be discussed with the opportunity for additional information to be provided to update the ALU. If you would like a copy of your ALU or have any queries please contact us.

Authorised Land Use policy

Authorised Land Use - Frequently Asked Questions

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