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MHV Water Ltd infrastructure delivers water to farmers in the Hinds Plains area which are between the Ashburton and Rangitata Rivers, from the foothills to the sea. This area and the greater Ashburton-Rakaia plains are subject to the Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP) nutrient management rules.  We are guided by Plan Change 2 of the LWRP which specifically relates to the Hinds Plains area, and provides us with clear direction and facilitates the sustainable management of our land and water resources now and into the future.  One of the main requirements of Plan Change 2 is the reduction in Nitrate of 35% by 2035.  It is a robust framework and we have made, and are continuing to make, improvements on farm. Plan Change 2 is under appeal, but is operative.

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We are proud to be part of the agricultural community in Mid-Canterbury and we share the community's desire to protect our waterways for future generations.   At MHV Water we are investing in science and technology, are a major contributor to the Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) pilot and continue to work closely with our farmers, who have invested millions of dollars on farm mitigations specifically to improve their environmental sustainability.  Our farmers are leading the way with innovative and sustainable farming systems that are making a difference and we use our platform to share their journeys and these best practices.

As a shareholder of MHV Water Ltd, we manage your farming activity resource consent under our Land Use and Nutrient Discharge Consent (held by Rangitata Diversion Race Management Ltd). That is, your right to farm, use of water for irrigation and to discharge to the land.  As a Shareholder you are required to adhere to the resource consent conditions, including annual Farm Environmental Plans (FEP's), Nutrient Budgets, following Good Management Practice (GMP) guidelines and having regular Audits of your farming operation.  If you wish to vary your farming activity, you need to complete a Farm Activity Variation Application (FAVA).

At MHV Water we take our responsibility to achieve water quality outcomes very seriously and are proud of the progress that has been made by our farming community to achieve the desired results.

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